Solutions for OEMs

Solutions for Manufacturers / OEMs

You Focus on Product Innovation, Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales

While You Innovate, Manufacture, Market and Sell; we “Earn Extra for You” by Innovative Warranty Programs

We understand that for you as a manufacturer, providing warranty service is your obligation but not a core activity.

We also know, providing warranty means additional costs to you which sometimes exceeds the budget due to various reasons. We provide solutions wherein you don’t exceed your budgeted costs agreed with us.

To generate more revenues and margins for you; we create & administer:

  • Nationwide Warranty Services
  • Extended Warranty and other After-Warranty Programs for your customers.

Your Costs are “Capped with NO RISK to YOU”. Total Assurance is Guaranteed.

While we do all this, you continue to focus on your core activity i.e. Product Innovation, Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales.

The additional revenues earned are risk free with positive cash flow and minimal additional burden on your resources.

We also provide from Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) and VAS.

Let’s discuss your business plans to create most suited Service Solutions for you.