Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We have “Solutions for Everyone”

Solutions for Modern Retail - LFRs & Retail Chains

HK_CWB_Hysan_Place_mall_shop_Apple_Store_interior_products_Mar-2013Competition is Fierce and You work on wafer thin margins.

InfyShield is “the Solution” to earn extra and retain your customers; whether you are a National, Regional or Local Player.

No doubt, You WIN.

Solutions for Manufacturers - OEMs & Brands

phone-manufacturingProviding Warranty Service is your obligation and “not a core activity”. We will do it for You.

We reduce your Warranty service costs substantially and convert Service Department from Cost Centre to Profit Centre.

No hidden costs to You.

Solutions for eCommerce & Hyperlocal Marketplaces

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Your customers always “Hunting for Offers”. InfyShield is the “Perfect Value Add”.

We create customised offerings and specialise in Campaign based solutions.

We have run many programs for the leading players of the Industry.

Our vast experience, coverage of widest range of products and multiple service options are just great for You and Your customer.

Talk to us and you will just love our solutions.

Solutions for Consumers - Crafted for You

new-logo-ewsModern products are complex; Electronics is more integrated. You always fear of unforeseen High costs of repairs after warranty is over. InfyShield Service plans are just for you.

We protects all your devices.

No just that; if the product cannot be repaired, we provide replacement.

Explore more at www.infyshield.com or just call us at our Toll-free no.