Solutions for Modern Retail – LFRs and RetailChains

Modern Retail - LFRs and Retail Chains

” When your Margins are Shrinking, Competition is Fierce, We Help You WIN! “

Stay Focused - Just Sell & Sell

You operate on wafer thin margins, operations costs are atrociously high and competition is fierce.

You definitely need us…

We specialise in Helping you with Extra Margins per unit sold.

“InfyShield” is our “Proven Winning Formula” for you!

We create customized service plans, service programs and manage them for you…

… and our program covers every technology product and appliance that you sell with focused approach such that every Service Plan is

  1. Easy for You to Sell
  2. Easy for the Customer to Understand and;
  3. Easy for us to Manage

“InfyShield” is sold as Bundled as well as Standalone Service plan wherein your customer receives more than the standard warranty from the product manufacturer.

In turn you get “extra cash” adding to “topline as well as bottom-line”.

… and Not just extra revenues and profits, you also get a long term loyal customer; retained with you for additional sales over longevity of the products.

“Accidental Physical & Liquid Damage Protection” & “Value Added Services” add the much needed punch for many products.

Many other clients are already benefitting; You must also take advantage today.

Let’s discuss and explore working together.

You Need Us...

Lets Discuss and Explore Working together.